Java Development

Java started in 1995 and has grown into the most deployed enterprise platform and programming language: almost 70% of large businesses worldwide depend on Java applications.

Kettle River has been using Java since the very beginning. We can help you either extend your existing Java-based software infrastructure or build new applications from scratch. We can also integrate new Java software with disparate technologies, whether they be .NET, mainframe or legacy systems.

There are many reasons to use Java as an enteprise software platform, some of which include:

  • Java has a widespread adoption among businesses
  • Java is widely supported commercially and in open source
  • Java is the most documented platform and language in the world
  • Java has more competent developers worldwide
  • Java has more tools (IDEs, build tools, compilers, etc.)
  • Java is highly scalable and fast.

Our extensive experience designing large-scale applications using the Java platform give you the advantage of getting great software that works right consistently.